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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Your environment and your pregnancy

Once you are pregnant, a new world opens up for you. A world in which it seems like you have become 'public property'. People who interfere with you unasked or people who suddenly want to touch your belly and you will undoubtedly also meet people who scatter a huge amount of well-meant advice about you.

Pregnancy disorders are often discussed extensively, but there are even more troublesome side effects. We put them for you in a row, then you are already well prepared.

Fine is it such a pregnancy? May it be a little less, because then it would all be a little more pleasant.

Touching the belly

What is it that people suddenly want to touch your belly when you are pregnant. Why? You really are still no public property. You are not suddenly going to sit on their stomach too? But maybe you should just do that. Betting that looks crazy ?!

Well-intentioned advice

Sleeping are all those well-meant advice that are fired on you without asking. As if you yourself are not enough to gather information. As if your intelligence has dropped to your stomach during your pregnancy. And keep smiling friendly.


Or how about those gruesome experiences? One mother has experienced a more horrible birth than the other. As if you are waiting for those stories. You still have to ... and it's really not encouraging when you go to all that bloody doom scenarios must listen.


Terrible that shibbling for nothing. A good friend took me to the cinema during my pregnancy. A drama. I have been crying the whole movie. In fact, I started to whimper at the commercials. Really nice when the bright lights go on afterwards. Behind me sat a man halfway through the film, encouraging a hand on my shoulders. Perhaps he hoped that I would stop whining, but unfortunately. I've sniffed and shuffled the whole movie. Long live the hormones!


Everyone wants to get involved with you and will tell you what is and is not good for you. As if you are waiting for that. You really know what is not right. You do not have to rub someone under your nose.


Then there are all foes that have to be fought over your back. Think of breastfeeding or not. Whether or not vaccinations. Whether or not childcare. Heated discussions will be fought over your head in the hope of winning your soul for them.

Rotation remarks

Then there are also people who now believe that they should be overly honest. 'Gee, how fat are you!', 'What do you look tired?' or 'You should definitely give birth now!' As if you are waiting for that. You know yourself that you are fat, but that does not mean that someone else has to say something about it. Or people who have to make a comment in everything you put in your mouth. "Would you do that? In the end it all has to end. '


If you read all this, you would almost be unable to enjoy your pregnancy. People often mean it well. It is best to ignore as many comments as possible and not to worry about it, because that is certainly not good for your child. Enjoy these months, it really passes so quickly. Before you know it, your baby is in your arms and a completely new period begins, as a mother. And what you get to hear ...

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