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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Azul board game

During the presentation of the Toys of the Year, I first became acquainted with this game. It was impossible to overlook the game with all those colors. Just by looking at the game, you become happy. But no matter how colorful the game may be, it is ultimately all about playing and I had no idea what to expect. That's why I took the game with me.

Acquaintance with Azul

Last weekend we finally had time to play together again, so time for a closer acquaintance with Azul. In the box we find a number of things: game boards, bags with plastic stones, a fabric bag, round discs (which have to be printed out of the cardboard) and of course the manual.

The game

It takes a while before we have the rules and even if we think we understand it, we still find out that we are not doing very well during the game. A quick piss on the internet provides the 'missing link' and then the challenge can begin. It is a strategic game and I love that. Of course it is first and foremost a search for the right tactic, but once we have played a first round, I am on the move. Of course we do another round. And another one. And another and finally we play it all Saturday afternoon.

Background of the game

In the tactical board game Azul, you have to decorate the walls of his royal palace with colorful tiles for the Portuguese king Manuel I. During the visit of the Portuguese king to the Alhambra in southern Spain, the king was very mesmerized by the beautiful Azulejos (the original white and blue ceramic tiles) with which the walls of the palace were decorated. That is why he immediately ordered you to decorate his palace with similar decorative tiles.

Form patterns with the tiles to decorate the palace. For specific patterns and completing sets, you score extra points. But have you wasted materials? Then points are deducted. The player with the most points wins the game!


Azul is a game of forward thinking. Not only look at your own tiles, but also at those of the other. What will be his next move? How can you bother him a little and simultaneously help yourself? It is not only a matter of collecting points, but also preventing you from getting too many penalty points.

The game is not only beautiful, but also offers a lot of challenge. A game where overview, planning and strategic insight combine into a fun entertainment. Definitely a topper! Suitable for children from 8 years.

Specifications Azul board game

NameAzul board game
BrandAsmodee Studio
price34.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: How to play Azul in 4 Minutes (April 2020).