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Editor'S Choice - 2020

What are we going to do during the summer break? # blog58

While I am working, the sun is shining in my office. Behind me is the air conditioning to roar to keep the temperature as pleasant as possible. Or at least workable. When I look outside, I see children running in the grass. I feel a slight jealousy coming into my mind. Actually, I would also like to go outside. Enjoying the nice weather. These kinds of days require a lot of my self-discipline as a freelancer. Ideally I would now let go and go outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, being outside, freedom.

Summer stop

But I am good. I will continue for a moment. Until halfway next month, the holiday season starts for me. Rocco then has six weeks of school holidays, Rob's work is at a standstill in that period and for me too there is a - my own being called - summer break. I have been doing this from the very beginning of my self-employed life, now about 14 years. I work a lot, really a lot. On average 10 hours a day, but in the summer I do as much as possible nothing. I do not want to say that I really do nothing at all, but I do at least six weeks very little and especially no needs. I do try to do some work for the hectic always following the quiet summer period. But low level. Most of the time is mainly spent relaxing, doing nothing, charging creativity, enjoying each other and especially being outdoors.

Holiday plans

Because we are always so busy, there are still no concrete holiday plans. The only thing that I have booked so far is a holiday week for Rocco. He goes to play a day or ten in the north of the country. Not only digital gaming, he is also going to experience archery, swimming, laser gaming and droppings. He looked at it a few weeks ago and is really looking forward to it. The best thing he probably thinks is that he will do this without us. That gives us the freedom to book something completely for ourselves! For a week we do not have to take our adolescent into account. And that is also fun ...

Caravan or bungalow?

Then of course the question comes up, but what are we going to do? Are we going to cross Europe with our one-teen Kip caravan? Or do we book a bungalow somewhere and do not do anything at all? There are so many nice bungalows to book and the big advantage is that you really only have to unpack your suitcase and the great enjoyment has begun! With a caravan you often have to do everything before you are settled. Correction: Rob has to do everything, I usually only watch how he arranges all that. I'm not very handy, I'm just getting in the way.

Make a choice

Another month before departure. Time to make a choice. If the weather stays that nice, we certainly do not have to look that far. There are plenty of nice holiday parks in your own country. In the end it's all about relaxation, time for each other and, above all, a lot of enjoying being outdoors. And that is of course fine in the Netherlands. Provided the sun continues to shine ...

And once we have booked, I also have to make up what we are going to do after the trip with the three of us ... Time to cut the knots! Time for action! Now just in gear and then about a week or four, the six-week-lasting-nothing starts: the summer break! Yeah!