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Development of baby in month 6

An exception has already taken a step at birth, but most children will get the first step in this period. That is cleaning! The passing of a tooth may be accompanied by some small inconveniences such as the excessive production of saliva and the getting of red irritated gums. In the period prior to the passing of a tooth, your child can be a bit of a hanger.

To sit

With his back against a pillow, your child can already sit up a little. He now holds his head nicely straight. He would like to be helped in the sitting position, but if you have his hands, he would also like to stand right. He is now starting to release consonants and maybe he can already eat a cookie himself?

Snacks and pies

The time has now really arrived for snacks and pies. If your child is switched from five feeds to four, he may have one single tablet per day. Until your child is seven months old, it is advised to prepare the porridge with gluten-free ingredients, such as rice flour. You can give the porridge with a bottle or with a spoon. If you want to use a bottle, you should use a teat with a larger opening.

Laugh more easily

Your child will not laugh at everyone anymore, he will only give his smile to trusted people. His hearing is now well developed and he can determine the source and direction of sounds. Good hearing is important for language development.

Pack, fall, check

He is now going to use both hands synchronously so that he can transfer an object from one hand into his other hand. He keeps on checking a toy that he has dropped. He is now also going to play more with something instead of putting it right in his mouth.

Sounds and vowels

He will make more combinations with his sounds and vowels and combine consonants with each other (ka, ma, ta, da, et cetera). His emotions are becoming clearer, he laughs when he is happy and cries (shrieks) when he is angry. When he is satisfied, he makes delicious murmuring sounds. Singing songs for him and listening to music still makes him calm.

Strangers can still make him anxious, causing him to cry. He will now respond to his name.

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