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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The eleventh plague

Unfortunately, I have never been there before, but the country of Egypt always appeals to my imagination. I like to read about it and I love to learn all about the origin of the pyramids, special finds in tombs and the time of the pharaohs. When I see that a story is happening in Egypt, it immediately gets my attention. If I then also see that the book was written by Wilbur Smith, then I do not even have to think again and the book is mine. This is not the first book by Wilbur Smith with an Egyptian theme. Previously appeared already Valley of kings, King's tomb, Magician, Desert God and Pharaoh. He has already sold more than 120 million books. Not the first one so!

Time to read is scarce

As a working mother, the time to read is scarce. Very scarce. Still, I love to get lost in a book, to let the images come into my head and to identify myself with one of the main characters. Just away from reality. The household can sometimes wait a bit.

What is the book about?

Egypt is struck by one terrible scourge after another. To make matters worse, the Nile is dry. The country dries out and the population starves. The Pharaoh sees only one solution: he calls in the help of the wise and courageous Taita. In order to find out the cause of the drought, the former slave has to go deep into the interior of Africa in search of the source of the river. What is he waiting for? Can he overcome his enemies and allow the water of the Nile to flow again?


Of course this book is a must. Actually, the book only has one disadvantage, because it is difficult to put away and since the book is pretty thick, you understand what the problem is. This can be rather annoying if a pile of work is waiting for you. So if you really do not have time, just wait until the holidays to start this book!

Specifications The eleventh plague

TitleThe eleventh plague
PublishingXander Publishing
AuthorWilbur Smith
Number of pages566
price19.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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