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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Need other food for your child?

Some children need different food than the regular infant formula. After all, no child is the same. Therefore, there are different feeds available for infants:
If your child is hungry again and again and it looks like he does not have enough of his diet (restless, crying, waking up regularly, making a dissatisfied impression), your child may need some food that is more saturated.
Consult with the health center whether you can provide more nutrition or buy special food for hungry babies.

Less chance of spitting

After feeding a lot of babies give back a little bit of milk when they leave a peasant. This is very normal. While drinking, your child may have swallowed too much air or he may have just drank too much. But if your child regularly has to give up large amounts of milk or if your child is spitting blood, then you better warn your doctor immediately.

To prevent spitting as much as possible you can:

  • Try to make your child drink less greedy, take your time for his food
  • Do not give your child more than the permitted amount of food
  • Try a teat with a smaller hole
  • Keep your child upright while drinking

With a lot of spitting you can consult with your doctor or consultation office, possibly switching to a different diet.

Against cramps

Your child can suffer a lot from colic. There can be various causes for these cramps. The most important of these is that the intestines of your child are not yet fully developed. This only happens in the first months after his birth. The cramps often take off three to four months after his birth.

To prevent the tragedies as much as possible you can:

  • Take the time for his food and give him plenty of opportunity for a farmer
  • Massage his belly with circular movements in the direction of the clock
  • Try to ensure that it receives as little air as possible (the teat must always be filled with milk)
  • Try to make him windy (you can stimulate this by making a so-called cycling movement in the air with his legs)

Against constipation

Your child can produce about seven poo diapers per day, but it can also happen that he has one in the few days. The color and composition (soft - solid) varies. As long as your child is not bothered by it, it is all normal.
But if your child suffers a lot from colic and has to squeeze a lot in the production of a poo trousers, your child can suffer from constipation. Sufficient moisture stimulates a good bowel movement. In addition, you must handle very carefully the preparation of his bottle. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

Video: Food Related Choking with Children (April 2020).