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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Swiza Tick Tool pocket knife, including ticks

Spring is already in full swing and the summer is almost right. The coming months will again be dominated by outdoors, sun, enjoyment, trips and holidays. How nice is that! Only nature knows not only beautiful aspects, there are also risks associated with all that stays outside. Think for example of a good sun protection. Especially if the kids are still small. But the sun is not the only one to take into account.


How about sign? Those little black creatures where you hardly notice when they have flown at you. You do not feel them or hardly, but they can certainly be angry. Very bad even, just think of Lyme disease. With ticks it also listens very closely, how (and how quickly) you remove them from the skin.


The creatures just pull off your skin, is an absolute no go! It is extremely risky to remove the creatures without the right tools from the skin. You need a drawing pliers for this, but yes, you do not walk with them as standard. Yet that is advisable. For the kids, yourself but also for the pets.

Tick ​​Tool

That is what Swiza has responded to. They come with a pocket knife with a plastic forceps to remove ticks. The Tick Tool from Swiza works very naturally so that you remove the tick in a smooth motion in its entirety. The pocket knife also has a magnifying glass with which you check whether the tick has been removed thoroughly.

Pocket knife

A good pocket knife is always handy to have in your pocket. In addition to the drawing pliers with magnifying glass, the Swiza Tick Tool has ten other functions including a knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, awl with sewing eye, screwdriver and tweezers. The tools are easy to open with both the left and right hand and you can safely lock and unlock by simply pressing the Swiss flag.

Not only in the forest

Do not just sit in the forest. They are just as good in grass and in bushes. That means that they are just in your garden. About 20% of the ticks in the Netherlands are contaminated with the Borrelia bacterium that can cause Lyme disease. If an infected tick is attached for more than 24 hours, there is a big chance that the bacteria will be transferred. It is therefore important that the tick is removed in the correct manner as quickly as possible.

Price and availability

Swiza Tick Tool, consumer advice price 38.50 euros. There is also a more extended version with saw (TT05) 54.95 euros. The Swiza brand is also available at Bever, ANWB stores and webshops.

Video: Swiza Tick Tool (April 2020).