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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Creative drawing techniques

I love drawing. It is a pity that I now have so little time for it, because as a little girl I could fill my days with it. I was not bad at it, but I was not really good at it either. So I did it mainly because I liked it. In my head is still a small voice that calls it nice to find yet to do a drawing course. As soon as I have more time, this is absolutely on my wish list.


Until that time I just browse through this book full of enthusiasm. Because even with this book you have come a long way. In 'Creative drawing techniques' different basic techniques are explained in a clear and ready way. That starts with a good look at an object that you want to sign. You can often return the baselines to simple shapes such as a square, triangle or circle. If you see how a line play is built up, you have already won a lot. Just look around and try to discover the basic shapes in that tree outside, or that lamp on the ceiling, the stuffed fruit bowl or the house across the street.

More tips and facts

But in this book you will find many more tips and facts to learn to draw better. This way you can learn to work with shadows, hatching and drawing in perspective. Everything is explained very clearly on the basis of many illustrations.

Do you also like drawing and would you like to improve yourself? Then this book is definitely recommended! I wish you a lot of drawing fun!

Specifications Creative drawing techniques

TitleCreative drawing techniques
PublishingThe paper mill
AuthorJulia Property
IllustratorJulia Property
Number of pages102
price14.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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