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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Giant fun diplomas

Reward works much better than punishment and that is the super cute book of Giant Choice Diplomas based on. How great is it to be able to give your child a diploma if he has done something right? Consider, for example, the snare of his laces, the cleaning up of his toys or for the first time to pee on the jar! The 'official' awarding of a diploma not only rewards him when he succeeds, but it also gives an incentive to continue doing well. When you hang up the diploma visibly, it shows him again and again that he must be able to do something real!

The diplomas look super cute and can easily be retrieved from the booklet. In the booklet you will find diplomas for various skills, but there are also a few empty diplomas, which you can fill in yourself for special occasions or skills. Supertof and absolutely positive inspiring. With this you can give certain skills a good boost, because who does not want to earn a diploma! How proud will your baby be! Milestones and small or big victories of your child are there to be celebrated. Show how proud you are and give your child a big fat plume!

The diplomas are not only an original motivation for your child, but at the same time form a beautiful memory for later.
We may already have one diploma available for you here, the lace-up diploma! If you turn this pdf out, you can immediately reward your baby!

The book will be available from 22 October!

Specifications Giant e-learning diplomas

TitleGiant fun diplomas
PublishingZuidnederlandse Uitgeverij
IllustratorDeborah van de Leijgraaf
Number of pages16
price9.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com