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Making potty is child's play

Cleanliness. There will come a day for you and your toddler that he no longer needs diapers! And that day can, according to recent insights, be much earlier than is now often assumed. One of the first steps is to help your child become toilet-trained before he himself indicates that he is ready to do so.

Cleanliness - Why would you start early with it?

A good reason is: you do your child a favor with it! Even though the diapers of today are much better than those of the past, if your child does not wear a diaper, that is of course the most pleasant for him / her. And last but not least, diapers are also expensive and stressful for the environment.

when can you start?

If you are also a parent, you can start training your toddler from one year onwards. Every child is different, but there are things that children can or will start to do around their first birthday:

  • sit and walk
  • understand what you say
  • playing with objects or listening to stories

Your child can then be trained day and night before he is two years old.

How do you train your toddler?

You can help your toddler by starting the training in a pleasant way.

  • Let him get acquainted with the jar by keeping him regularly on the jar.
  • Read a story every time you put it on the jar.
  • When your child is happy with the pot, he will want to stay there longer and longer. In the end, sitting on the pot will be a moment of rest for him.
  • Praise him for every time he does something in the jar. When it fails once you can still say something like: 'Nice story, do not you?'
  • Integrate the jar into your daily routine, by putting your baby after meals, snacks and sleeping in the jar.
  • Help your child also get through the nights dry by practicing with him during the day.

And always remember: just like learning to walk, cycle, read, etc., children learn by trial and error. Accidents are part of it.

Cleanliness is child's play

You can read more about how to make your child clean in the book: "Making things clean is child's play" written by Debby Mendelsohn. If you have substantive questions or want support: www.mendot.nl.

This book helps parents and caregivers to guide children when they become tidy. Moreover, they can be used at a much younger age than is currently the case. Step by step and without stress, children can become tidy in a relatively short time, not only during the day but also at night.