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Schools have canceled diaries. Next in line are cool magazines.

Since January 1, by order of the education committee, electronic diaries have appeared in all public schools of St. Petersburg. As conceived by officials, with their help, parents with access to the Internet will be able to be “up to date with the current assessments and attendance of the child, to correspond with the teachers,” and much more. But for electronic diaries to work, teachers must post marks every day, and parents must watch them via the Internet.

Innovative dissatisfied with many parents and teachers. However, the education committee has far-reaching plans. St. Petersburg officials have already launched a federal initiative to replace paper class magazines with electronic ones.

Irresponsible parents

On paper, everything looks beautiful, but in fact it turns out that progress slips from the banal lack of computers, the Internet, and technical skills. Here is what moms write to students in a popular parent forum:

Gulchata: “There is an electronic diary, but the marks are extremely ugly. But there are no ordinary diaries. Yesterday they posted fours: I am sad, the child is silent… And the school is not easy - 239”.

Marge: “Few teachers answer the questions of parents, and if they do, then after a week. How ratings are recorded there is generally horrible. For example, after a week, you can find out that during this time you have received a bunch of ratings ... There are no regular diaries. That is, if parents do not have the opportunity to go online every day, they are “excluded” from the child’s school life. "

Teachers about the general introduction of electronic diaries expressed with caution.

“We fill in electronic diaries every day,” says Tatyana Semenistaya, a mathematics teacher at the 464th school in Pavlovsk. “I have no difficulties, because the computer is in the office. But it’s more difficult for other teachers to have access to the Internet, so all is not have time to put marks on the same day. "

Teachers complain that they are forced to do double, and sometimes triple work, several times rewriting marks in journals, on paper, in computers. In the 464th school, with the introduction of electronic conduits, primary school teachers have the hardest time - they work in a separate building where there are no computers at all! Poor teachers, in order to fill in electronic diaries, have to run to another building after school. But according to the law, they have no right to put cool magazines over the threshold, so they have to first rewrite the marks from the magazine on a piece of paper, and then from a piece of paper - “drive” into a computer. Not everyone can withstand such a load.

But the most offensive, according to the teachers, is not even additional (not paid) labor, but the lack of parental interest in these daily “electronic feats”.

Eiz from several classes, where I am a subject, the largest number of registered parents - 10 people, - sighs Tatiana Semenistaya. - In another class - only two. "

Nevertheless, the teacher is sure that the idea with the electronic diaries of schoolchildren is good, "but first you had to equip the school with computers ..."

And not only schools. It may be difficult for someone to believe this, but not every St. Petersburg family has a computer, much less the Internet and email. It seems that the officials, putting forward initiatives, completely ignore the real stratification of society.

Progressive officials

According to the deputy chairman of the St. Petersburg Education Committee, Yury Solyanikov, today all 700 St. Petersburg schools are connected to the electronic diary service.

- Grades should be set up every day until 6 pm, so that parents, after returning from work, can watch them. We understand that for teachers and schools is an additional burden. But this is a modern form of interaction with parents, the official says proudly.

And what should those parents who, after 18 hours or even the next day, not see in the computer information about the progress of their offsprings?

“Contact the head of the educational institution,” advises Yuri Solyanikov. - This year there will be mass refresher courses, training teachers to work with this technology, - he explains.

The committee on education is sure: teachers and parents just have to "get involved", and the process will go. And paper diaries, according to Yury Solyanikov, are no longer obligatory today.

People from the moon

The committee on education is not going to stop at what has been accomplished and are preparing an innovation that is not found in any other Russian city. St. Petersburg officials want to eliminate the paper cool magazines, transferring all the marks in electronic form.

“Now we are working to ensure that a federal decision is taken at the level of the Ministry of Education. A mechanism has already been developed to reject paper magazines, ”explains Yury Solyanikov.

The idea is undoubtedly promising. But it seems that some officials live ... on the moon. Where, for example, in case of refusal from paper journals, those teachers who do not have computers in their classrooms will be marked? And what to do if the Internet disappears, the server "falls" or turns off the light - tweet estimates on the leaves or keep in mind? And we can even assume that among the advanced schoolchildren there will be a new fashionable fun - breaking the “cool magazines” ... Maybe it’s easier then to completely give up the current grades and leave the USE alone?

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