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Editor'S Choice - 2020

How do you become a good mother? Tips for being a good mother.

You do not become a good mother, you are a good mother. And if you want to be the perfect mother, I can help you out of the dream, because it does not exist! Also good mothers have their dips, mistakes, irritability or moments that they are just tired and unreasonable. Yes, duh! You do not become a kind of superwoman suddenly after the birth of your baby. No way! And that does not matter at all! In this way your child learns how to deal with setbacks and that life is sometimes not that reasonable.

Do you want to improve yourself? Then I have a few tips!

Love your children

Unconditional love, that's what children need. That does not mean that you have to give them their meaning everywhere. Nope. Real love also translates into saying 'no'. For their own good. Do not miss a moment to show how much you love them by cuddling and giving sincere attention.

Be as patient as possible

Sometimes you are tired and patience is a difficult thing, but try to be as patient as possible. Even if your children do not listen or do bad things. 'To count ten' is really not an outdated concept. Give it a try if you are about to jump out of your skin ...

Doing good does well

Of course that sounds like a dead-doer, but it is not. If you set a good example, children will follow this. Not in everything of course, certainly not when she goes to puberty, but still. They will come back to it after puberty. And how can you expect something from your children that you are guilty of?
In short: give your kids a good example!

Respect comes from two sides

You can not expect your children to respect you if this is not the case the other way around. Compliment the kids if they do something right, name this and show that you will be happy. That you appreciate this. Your respect will only increase your respect to you.
Also try to bring out the best in your child. Look at his talents and do something with them. Support and guide him in his dreams! Even if you actually have something different for him.

Give him his life

Ultimately, it is our job to guide the children to their own adulthood. Prepare our children for independence with values ​​and norms. We must be able to let them go, give us the space to try, fall and get up. Within a security created by us and under our watchful eye. Give your kids their mistakes, but always give them the feeling that they can go to you, that you are there for them. Always. Unconditional.

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