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What is growing in mom's belly?

The arrival of a brother or sister has quite an impact on your child. You better prepare for that. The reading book 'What grows in mom's belly' can help you with that. The mother of Daan and Eva also has a baby in her belly. It is not surprising that Eva and Daan have a lot of questions about that. Probably just like your own child. It is quite a lot, the arrival of another child in the house! Have you suddenly lost your spot?

All kinds of questions and answers

Eva and Daan are full of questions such as: How did the baby get into Mamma's belly? If mama eats, does this food end up on top of the child? Good question, by the way! What is the difference between a girl and a boy? In short, in this book all questions are asked (and answered) that your child might also want to know. And that makes this book so special. It gives an opening to talk with your child about the arrival of his brother or sister and playfully answer his questions. Without making the subject too heavy.

Story and info!

Besides the story, the book also provides information and fun facts. For example, how long a baby is in mommy's belly. How long, for example, with an elephant, or with a hamster. That makes this a really cool book to use in the preparation of your son or daughter. With lots of beautiful, honest illustrations, without going into details. Absolutely recommended!

Specifications What grows in mom's belly?

TitleWhat is growing in mom's belly?
PublishingPublisher De Vier Windstreken
AuthorAnna Herzog
IllustratorJoëlle Tourlonias
Number of pages32
price14.95 euros
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