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Daycare - What possibilities are there?

Childcare in a day nursery is meant for children from 6 to 8 weeks to 4 years. Most nurseries are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. Some nurseries are closed for several weeks a year (for example, around Christmas or in the summer).

The children are accommodated in different groups. The composition of these groups can vary per day nursery of children of the same age (horizontal groups) or groups of children from 0 to 4 years (vertical groups).
Many nurseries use a minimum number of half-days in connection with their pedagogical policy. A day part is a morning or afternoon of 5 hours. The nurseries are designed with care so that your child can unfold in a safe and cozy environment together with peers.

Daycare - Types of care

Whole day care

The child is taken care of on fixed days during the week, during the whole day, within the regular opening hours of the day nursery.

Half day care

Children are brought a morning or afternoon.

Extended day care

Day nurseries increasingly offer early and extended opening hours.

Flexible care

The possibility to flexibly fill in a fixed number of half-days per week. For example, the child can be accommodated one week from Monday to Wednesday and the other week from Wednesday to Friday.


The rates vary per daycare but do not differ much from each other. The rates (for normal childcare) that we encountered were between € 5.00 and € 6.00 per hour.
The rates for flexible childcare are on average around € 0.50 higher.
If you are employed, you are in all cases entitled to a refund from the tax authorities. This means that you pay a lot less in many cases. The tax refund can amount to half of the costs.


The sKK is a nationally and independently operating organization, which hears questions and complaints, gives advice and makes clear which steps can be taken.
Childcare institutions from all over the country are connected for external complaints handling.
A complaint from parents is handled by a complaints committee of 3 experts with the support of an official secretary. Depending on the origin of the complaint and the content, a committee is composed. You can contact the foundation during office hours. They can be reached by telephone on 0900-0400034.

Video: Why childcare needs reinvention. Amy Martin. TEDxBrum (April 2020).