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Dining calendar 2018

I do not hate cooking, on the contrary, but I do have trouble with that recurring question: 'What do we eat today?' Especially if you want to eat as varied and healthy as possible, it can sometimes be a bit tricky. Especially if you are busy. With the Eetkalender 2018 the next year will be a piece of cake! This calendar is bursting with answers to that daily recurring question!

Every workday

In this calendar you will find no less than four recipes per week and one handy clique day with tips on what you can still make with the remaining products. Easy, handy, environmentally conscious and sweet for your wallet! Do you want to follow the calendar the whole week? Then you can use that handy shopping list. Take a picture of your smartphone and you can do some shopping!


The recipes look very tasty and also easily accessible. This means that you do not need very strange or strange ingredients, which is hard to come by. Most products can be found on the shelves of the supermarket. I am happy with this calendar and I am also sure that in 2018 it will be hanging in my kitchen for a year. Easy also to let someone else do the shopping. "Honey, you can find the messages in the calendar. Do you take a minute? "

I would almost forget it, but this Eat Calendar is also a regular calendar where you can write the rest of your appointments. If you want to go through it yourself, just click here.

In own management

The Eetkalender 2018 has been released in-house. The calendar contains more than 200 recipes and handy weekly planners with sufficient writing space for the whole family!

Fish, meat and veg meat dishes alternate with nice tips and extra information, for example about seasonal vegetables. There is a fixed clique day on Friday so you have to throw away as little as possible. In the back of the calendar you will find easy basic recipes for side dishes, the handy recipe index and a note page.

Specifications Dining calendar 2018

NameDining calendar 2018
price19.95 euros
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