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Editor'S Choice - 2020


In the days for amber alerts, Facebook calls and DNA research, on Christmas Day, 1977, the son of one of the most successful businessmen in America disappears.

On this day Gus Delaneys begins a long journey to find his son, to find out what happened. Was he kidnapped? Is he still alive? Does his ex-wife have anything to do with it? When the police starts to suspect Gus, his whole world collapses.

Meanwhile, Jack Delaney has landed in a world that is bewildering to him, full of strangers who tell him that he is chosen and that he has to forget his old life. Completely isolated from the outside world, Jack learns to forget the father who, as far as he knows, has long stopped looking for him. Until he begins to slowly begin to doubt everything he believes in the disclosure of a dark secret ...

And what do I think?

It will only happen to you, your son will cycle a bit and will not come back afterwards. The nightmare of every parent. From that moment more goes wrong in the life of Gus. However, it does ensure that he will investigate what happened to his child. He does everything to find his son, even though he devastates his own life.
It might not be a real thriller, I also miss some deeper layers in the story, but the book somehow keeps you trapped to the end. Just like his son is held prisoner in the world of religion ...

Specifications Stolen

PublishingPublisher A.W. Bruna
AuthorRussell Newell
Number of pages464
price17.50 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: Dashboard Confessional - Stolen (April 2020).