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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Teenage rooms and instagram # blog16

Teenagers and Instagram are inextricably linked nowadays. If you say as a parent that you do not have an 'insta' then they look at you as if you were recently thrown out of prehistoric times.

I recently saw a school class on excursion in the Rijksmuseum. They sat almost synchronously with their backs turned to the night watch to create the right instafeed, of themselves (and a little night watch of course). But what makes the perfect photo? That one photo that is better than all other photos on Instagram?

Colors (or no color)

Scrolling through my instagram account (yes, dad has one too), my eye fell on the most beautiful photo, that of my son with a broken arm. You read that correctly. The clinical white of the hospital in combination with the bright blue plaster made the photo fantastic. So take white as a basis. White clothes with those bright red sneakers, or a white wall on which the color of your freshly painted hair almost explodes from the screen. The right color combinations (plus a possible insta filter) are essential for making the perfect instafeed. But that's not all! Read more.


Perhaps more important than color, is light.
A make-up table, a sunbeam on your windowsill or a professional studio lamp, the right light can take a picture or break. Sunlight, artificial light, from the right angle you look like you have just descended from heaven on earth to provide your followers with a divine photo.
Never place a lamp behind you, because then your followers see nothing more than a shadow with two illuminated flap ears. No, place them left, right, or front, but slightly higher than your height, then it is as if the angels let their lights descend on your beautiful appearance. And of course you should not overexpose the photo, less is more.

The perfect instafeed

The room of a teenager can, to say the least, be rather messy. Besides light and color, it is of course also important that the attention is not distracted by tsunamis on clothing, stuff, and other rubbish. Put the focus on what you want to show, because that's what it's all about.

Now anyone can admire your perfect photo on Instagram, and they can hand out likes as if it were confetti. Maybe in between you can put your mobile in your pocket and enjoy the real world around you during a walk, because the smells of the flowers, or those beautiful floating clouds may not pass your attention.