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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The memory of an elephant

The expression 'the memory of an elephant' is not taken out of the blue. It is well known that elephants have a good memory. Donkey does not have that, but Ezeltje is very helpful. He wants to take a message for all the animals he encounters. But once at the store, he does not know all those messages anymore ...

He goes back into the forest again, but honestly that does not help too much. It is simply too much to remember. Fortunately, elephant knows advice. He teaches Ezeltje how he can best use his memory and that's how Ezeltje automatically gets an Elephant Memory!

Together with your child

It is a great fun to read a book. Does your child still know all the messages? And what does he do if he can not remember everything? Nice to chat with your child about this and give tips on how he might remember everything a bit better.
Wessel Sandtke has the memory of an elephant. He can remember an incredible amount - and everyone can, if you at least approach it smartly. With that in mind he wrote his first - joyful and for many recognizable - picture book story, which embraced Golden Brush-winner Jan Jutte and in his characteristic colorful style makes a feast for the eye.


Through the colorful illustrations the book radiates cheerfulness. Nicely executed and fun to read out for!

Specifications The memory of an elephant

TitleThe memory of an elephant
AuthorWessel Sandtke
IllustratorJan Jutte
Number of pages28
price13.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: Why elephants never forget - Alex Gendler (April 2020).