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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Bear and the honey tree

Beer dreams about a beautiful tree, full of honey. When he wakes up, he wants only one thing: linea directa to the honey tree! He is in such a hurry to get there, that he does not have time for anyone on his way. He runs up the hill with only one goal in mind. Honey!

Delicious sweet honey

And on top of that hill, there is the beautiful tree from his dreams and the tree is full of golden yellow honey. But if he puts his paw in the tree to taste that delicious, sweet honey, hundreds of bees dive at him. With a fright, bear stumbles and rolls, perhaps even harder, than he just ran upstairs.
Ironically, he finds his honey downstairs. How? Then you must of course discover for yourself!


The story is written smoothly, with a rhyme here and there. The illustrations are super cute and dress up the story completely. The book should include a website www.beerendehoningboom.nl where the accompanying songs can be downloaded. The password that is needed for this can be found in the book. Because if you say 'Jeroen Schipper', then of course you say the same: 'nursery rhymes!'

Jeroen Schipper

Jeroen Schipper is best known for the many fun nursery rhymes he has written. Earlier, the picture book 'Joke wil spoken' (2015) appeared. This was chosen as the core title for the children's book week 2017.

Specifications Beer and the honey tree

TitleBear and the honey tree
PublishingPublisher C. de Vries Brouwers
AuthorJeroen Schipper
IllustratorVera de Backker
Number of pages26
price19.90 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: sun bear digging for honey! (April 2020).