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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Geronimo Stilton - Save the White Whale

Gi-go goat cheese! Not yet another book by Geronimo! Anyway! And again a reading book that fits perfectly in the AVI system. This time for AVI-E3. A very nice book, in the famous Geronimo style but with large (er) letters, without difficult words and short (er) sentences.
Does this detract from the story? Not at all. It remains just a very nice Geronimo Stilton book, but for the novice reader! With this book you get a free Geronimo Stilton reader!

That is not normal fun, that is gi-go goat cheese!

The story

Geronimo is happy.
He goes to Walvis Bay with Patty!
Going out together, he thinks. Fun!
But then his whole family goes along too.
Oh no!
Walvis Bay is also different than he thought.
It is dirty. The hotel is expensive.
The beach is full.
And Geronimo loses his swimming trunks.
But then there is a whale on the beach.
Save the white whale!

What do I think?

It is not surprising that the AVI books from Geronimo Stilton, launched last year, are successful. Which novice reader does not want to put his teeth in Geronimo? Because of this success De Wakkere Muis comes with even more reading pleasure. The new titles have an E3 and E3 level, so they fit perfectly with the curriculum in the last half of the school year.

Specifications Geronimo Stilton - Save the White Whale

TitleGeronimo Stilton - Save the White Whale
PublishingThe Awake Mouse
AuthorGeronimo Stilton
Number of pages120
price9.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: Save The White Whale (April 2020).