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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Fred is looking for a friend

Fred is looking for a buddy, because only is very boring. But unfortunately no one has time for him except Piet. Well, Piet actually does not, but Fred picks him up and takes him. And since Piet is a slug, he does not have that much to bring. He can not run away quickly. Still Fred still does not enjoy it. He thinks Piet is very boring, a boring Piet. However, not everyone thinks the same about this ... because others find that boring again very adventurous.

Everybody is different

Finally, Fred meets a friend who is not boring. It turns out that everyone is different, but there is a cover on every jar. One friend is better than the other. That does not say anything about yourself or the other person, but everything about the combination and the expectations from and to each other.

Nice dominant deer

Fred means everything is fine, but he mainly follows his own course. That makes Fred not only dominant, but also strungigenwijs. He determines for Piet that he simply has to go with him. But let's be honest, this is not the right way to deal with each other or make friends. Friends do each other's sentence, often in consultation. It can not be then only one person determines what has to be done. Is this your child known? Fred looking for a friend is a nice book to make this topic open to discussion.

Specifications Fred is looking for a friend

TitleFred is looking for a friend
PublishingThe Harmony
AuthorPépé Smit
IllustratorPépé Smit
Number of pages32
price14.90 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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