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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The children's room especially for your toddler

We will all experience it. Our little boys or girls become too big and too old for their baby room. That calls for a small metamorphosis and that can sometimes be quite difficult. Of course there are a number of points that you have to take into account and there are handy tips that make it easier to set up. So do not be afraid, but see it as a nice challenge!

Cheerful decor

One of the most important conditions, and it may sound like an open door, its cheerful colors and a cheerful theme. Of course we do this with a number of beautiful and cheerful colors and generally a cheerful theme. Of course, different preferences apply here for the boys and the girls, but in general cheerful is the right choice. For the boys you can, for example, choose a cheerful room inspired by the beach with some nice fake palm trees and sea. For the girls, you can of course opt for a traditional pink princess room. This of course does not apply to everyone, so always take into account what typically fits your child. Is your little boy not such a hero, so do not come with a pirate room. Is your little girl not such a diva, then the question is whether you should come with a princess room, fortunately there is always a middle way.

Get to work

Nowadays it is all in itself to create a number of accessories in your children's room. In this way you give it something unique, and of course something of yourself, that's just great fun! How about a nicely decorated cave under the high bed of your little boy? With a secret passage? Or some nice home-made animals on the walls? You can not think of it so crazy, look online for more inspiration!

Toddlers are often happy in themselves

What you often see is that toddlers can enjoy themselves very well and generally play less with others (that will come later). It is therefore very nice and important to create a good place where your toddler can entertain himself well. Create a nice play corner, for example, with a table that can be colored and with a nice soft carpet. Fill it with some nice soft pillows or a beanbag and the play corner is complete, guaranteed success!

Get inspired

The most important message is of course, be inspired by others, on the internet or in your immediate environment. There is, of course, nothing wrong with a simple room, as long as the little one is satisfied.