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Editor'S Choice - 2020

With the kids on holiday in South Limburg

The summer is coming and that also means that the children have at least another 6 weeks off. A lot of free time that has to be filled. Besides the traditional sun holidays that many Dutch people make abroad, it is also an idea to go on holiday in our own country. So we have a beautiful Burgundian region in the south of our country; South Limburg.

Especially for families with children there are many fun activities to undertake. That's why we give three tips for fun activities when you go on holiday with the kids in South Limburg!

1. Walking and cycling through the beautiful Heuvelland

The Heuvelland in South Limburg is a well-known area that is part of a nature reserve that extends beyond the land borders. A true paradise for walkers and cyclists. And that is of course also very nice to do with the whole family. The sloping landscape offers a range of possibilities for cyclists, walkers and riders. There are several routes that you can do that have been mapped out by VVV Zuid-Limburg.

Naturally, a relaxing overnight stay in a holiday in Limburg with the family. Especially when there is also a lot of cycling and walking. Take a look at the holiday home for 8 people 'Het Melkhuisje'. An ideal stay for your vacation!

2. The three countries point

In Vaals you can find the highest point in the Netherlands with a very special place. Here you will find the three country point. A special place to visit with the whole family. For young and old there are various activities around the three countries point. For example, the Three-Country Labyrinth, where you can get lost endlessly. Nowadays the labyrinth has a cool water playground and butterfly roof. A great place to visit when you go on holiday in Limburg!

3. Columbus Earth Center

The Columbus Earth Center in Kerkrade is a unique experience that everyone must experience once. The Center takes you on spectacular trips to places that have never been discovered. A very fun and educational experience for the whole family. Experience the overview effect of the earth and discover how small we actually are in the whole universe.

If you go to South Limburg and all fun activities to do, it is important that you get a good night's sleep. Book an Ulvend 10 person holiday home for the whole family!

Are you going to South Limburg with the family soon?

Video: Onthaasten in Zuid-Limburg, weekendje weg tip met kleine kids / Vlog 26 / TRAVEL KIDS / Anne de Buck (April 2020).