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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The lice mother # blog7

I was a bit behind. At least, that turned out last week when everyone suddenly talked about 'the Lice mother', a new comedy on NPO3. Somehow I had noticed that this would be on TV, but my heart did not start to beat faster.

Anyway, if everyone is talking about it, I would still like to know what I'm missing. And so we, man and I, watched two episodes of 'the Lice Mother' this weekend. And yes, then the inevitable question comes: 'What did you think of it?' Will we make the socially desirable or honest answer?

It is not

Okay, I'm going for the honest answer. We both did not find a ball! And we really tried it. During the first episode we have looked at each other a few times, but have not yet judged. At the end of episode 1 we decided that we did not want to drop out immediately, so the next day we watched another episode. But no, it is not for us. And why not?


In general we like best of a comedy. Often they are American comedies, but that should not matter too much, it seemed to me. But unfortunately 'the Lice-mother' (these two episodes at least) did not meet my expectation of a comedy. A comedy is to laugh, I thought. But much further that what chuckle I unfortunately did not come. And where is that? I do not know quite yet. Maybe the situations were too absurd for me? Maybe I can not see the humor of the bullying at the school (parents and parents with the teacher)?

Take your child to another school!

Somewhere I think it's a shame that I do not find it funny. It was quite nice, a new Dutch comedy, to watch together on Sunday night. But apart from slight chuckle, I think it was annoyance that I felt. Are there really people who immediately interact in school? Is this our, albeit enlarged, reality? I do not believe that. But maybe I'm naïve ...

If other parents decide who will have their party on your child, will you be against it anyway? And if your teacher's child is not allowed to treat her birthday, do not you agree? My first thought was: bring your child to another school! But then, of course, there is no longer a series left ...

Conclusion: we are looking at something different over the coming Sunday nights. What did you think about it?