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Autism - Autoblotting

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or related disorders are often the victims of bullying within mainstream education. The schools usually have a bullying protocol, but this does not alleviate the suffering - for children with ASD - less. Despite the fact that many children with ASD - with the help of the "backpack" - can go to regular education, the consequences of bullying are so damaging that it becomes impossible to keep the student with ASD at the school. A very sad development, because: today's youth has the future! In later life, it will become clear to certain groups in this society that not everyone is perfect, spotless and / or maintenance-free.

My son goes - with the support of the backpack - to a regular elementary school, but the moment he was called for "mongol" in the schoolyard, he asked me: "But mommy ... they are just people too?". And yes, I am proud of the fact that I have taught my son from a small age that nobody is perfect and that everyone has a defect, but ... because not everyone is equal, makes this society so colorful. To which my son responded: "Otherwise it would all be very boring, eh mam?".

Because children with ASD think differently and behave and communicate in a certain way, this makes them vulnerable, so they will soon fall prey to the bullying of classmates. A child with ASD often tries to do everything to "belong", but does not oversee the consequences of his actions in advance. Because children with ASD can often respond "explosively" to eg actions of others, stimuli or setbacks, they are often highlighted and then accept the sanctions. However you turn or turn it: you can not turn over cause and effect.

The bullying protocol that (regular) schools usually maintain is part of the national "anti-bullying policy" and is used as a document to prevent and / or prevent bullying preventively. By signing such a bullying protocol, schools assume that there is no more bullying. But unfortunately, the opposite is true. For children with ASD an ordinary bullying protocol has proved insufficient and partly because of this a Special Bullying protocol has been written for the benefit of this group, presented by the National Network Autism (LNA), date: 03-12-2009.

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