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Editor'S Choice - 2020


Who has never played hangman? I think everyone is, if only as a child. You would think you could not play it on your own. One has to invent the word and determine which letters do and do not participate, the other has to guess the word. How would you do that on your own? Still, with the help of this booklet, it is possible to play Gallows on your own. How? I will explain that.

To guess words

This booklet contains no less than 125 words that can be guessed. On every page is the complete alphabet with a layer that can be scratched away. Just like with a scratch card. Under the scratch layer, state or an X (the letter is not included), or a letter with a number. You can then write the letter - at the right number - at the bottom of the page. If you have found an X under the scratch layer, you can put the first line of your gallows. You get 11 attempts to guess the letters in the book. If you do not have enough of that, then you are!

Take a vacation!

This is what I think is typically such a book to take with you on vacation. Nice to guess a word in between. Somewhere in the sun with a delicious cool drink within reach. I'm already excited! And the beauty of this, I do not have to bother anyone to do it with me. I can just do it all alone. And that is also nice ...

Specifications Hangman

PublishingPublishing BBNC
AuthorN. Neven
Number of pages125
price9.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: HANGMAN - SMOSH LIVE (April 2020).