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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Mothers want more sex

In 39% of the relationships with young children the sex is planned, in 2013 this was only 27%. But despite the fact that sex appears more on the agenda, it happens too little. No less than 44% of mothers want more often to be loved. According to research by the magazine Kek Mama, among 700 Dutch mothers with children aged 2 to 12 years.

The first time sex after delivery

After the birth of the first child, an average of 50 days is spent before the parents have sex again. More than half of the mothers (56%) enjoyed that first time, 28% did not like it much and at 5% it was outright terrible. Fathers were considerably more enthusiastic about this 'first time': 77% enjoyed it.
Sex after delivery

Children: good for the relationship, bad for sex

With the arrival of the children, according to half of the mothers, the relationship with their partner has improved, but in 7 out of 10 parents the frequency of sex has decreased. The moment of fleeing also changes. Parents prefer to do this when the children are asleep or are staying out, but that does not always work: 14% have sometimes been caught by their offspring.

About trust: half checks his cell phone

Although half of the mothers trust is most important in their relationship, 49% sometimes check their partner's phone for texting Whatsapp messages, voicemails or suspicious phone numbers. While only 13% of men do this. Furthermore, 1 out of 5 mothers fear that their partner will give in to Tinder or Second Love.

More sex facts from the Kek Mama sex survey

  • 10% of the fathers say that their wife sometimes uses sex as a reward or punishment
  • 29% of the mothers would like to have sex with another woman
  • 70% of the mothers masturbate, against 90% of the fathers. Mothers prefer to do that in bed, fathers in the shower
  • 74% of mothers have sex fantasies, such as being tied up, threesomes, outdoor sex or having sex with several men at the same time

Knowing more?

Kek Mama's research was carried out by the TeraKnowledge agency among 700 Dutch mothers aged 20 to 45 with children aged 2 to 12 and another 75 from their partners through online interviews. The complete research can be read in the new edition of Kek Mama, which will be published on June 20th.

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