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What to do on an unexpected seminar - Gardening with children # blog11

I am such a mother who can find out at the beginning of the week that at the end of the week a study day for the teachers and masters is planned. So also this week. On Monday I understood that the children would be free on Friday. Fortunately, it gave no problems in this case. I am recovering from an operation at home and my grandmother would be there, because I can not do everything alone with the children.

Nothing on the schedule

Anyway. A day off and nothing on the schedule. What do we do? We start the day early, because everyone is awake for seven hours. Then we have a nice drawing and grandma washes the windows together with our toddler. I look into the garden and realize that something has to be done there. There are empty baskets hanging on the fence and inside there are still some bags of seeds to be sown.

Grandma does the heavy work

When the windows are freshly washed and the toddler is dry again, we decide to look for the nearest garden store. I mainly go to find out everything and to pay, Grandma does the heavy work: pushing the cart, lifting the children in the cart, loading five bags with garden soil, putting everything in the car.

Muscle balls

But at home the children go to work hard. They grab the wheelbarrows and show their muscles. How proud they are when they are allowed to help to unload everything from the car. The work gloves are turned on and the bags of garden soil are opened. What did they do their best and soon they learn how to do it! They get the plants from the pots themselves and then add a lot of sand. With three children it can not be other than a big sandbag (second set of clothes for toddler), but grandmother is well under control and together they make something beautiful.

Look back into the garden after noon. It looks beautiful again and hopefully we can soon eat carrots and cucumbers from our own little garden! Well spent, unexpected study! On to a sun-drenched weekend in our own garden.