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Editor'S Choice - 2020


If I can believe my weather app it will still be sunny, but as soon as the weather turns and the plants get the necessary water on their leaves, then there is plenty of fun with this game! Especially for the horse lover! We discuss the game for the Nintendo Switch, but Whisper is now also available for the PlayStation 4.

Stormwind series

This game is based on the popular Stomwind series, the first of which was released in 2013. Maybe you have seen him? In this game you are Mika, a young horse whisperer. As Mika, you Stormwind, the young stallion that nobody dares to ride. But of course you do, because you feel very well what Stormwind needs! Once you have tamed the horse, the adventures begin.

Top condition

Together with Stormwind you experience the freedom and pleasure of riding. There are all kinds of tasks that have to be accomplished and of course everything revolves around horses. You discover new places and there are exciting challenges ahead. However, it is important that your horse stays in top condition and that you build a good relationship with him, so you have to take good care of him. In this way you are perfectly prepared for the various missions of Kaltenbach.

Of course, the well-known characters and locations from the film are of course extra fun!

Specifications Whisper

Game consoleNintendo Switch
price34.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: Chase Rice - Whisper (Lyric Video) (April 2020).