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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Little bird learns a naughty word

Little Bird learns a lot of words from his father. And when Papa leaves a worm out of his beak, he says a very ugly word. Kleine Vogel is eager to learn and picks up the word and tells this pride to all his friends. But his friends do not share his enthusiasm, they are even shocked by it. There are even animals that become sad.
Fortunately, little Bird also learns words that make his friends happy. Like the word 'sorry'.


A book about curses and ugly words, brought in a playful way. With 'blark' the little bird does not really curse, so that your toddler or toddler does not learn bad words. However, he will understand the scope. You better not say bad words.

Hilarious end

The illustrations are cheerful and colorful, the story funny and probably a tad recognizable. The story has a funny ending, which probably puts a smile around the lips especially with the reader.

Specifications - Small bird learns a naughty word

TitleLittle bird learns a naughty word
PublishingFlamingo Publishing
AuthorJacob Grant
IllustratorJacob Grant
Number of pages32
price14.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com


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