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Editor'S Choice - 2020

5 Ways to let your children eat their vegetables without whining

Vegetables and children, it remains a difficult story. How do you manage to have no hassle at the table one time? There are a few simple tricks to easily do yourself. Tip: try it, preferably tonight.

1. Let them help you

One of the best ways to make children eat better is to involve them in all stages of food preparation: from growing herbs in the windowsill to selecting vegetables in the supermarket. They will attach more value to it when they are part of the process.

2. Play hide-and-seek with vegetables

Favorite family meals such as lasagne, spaghetti bolognese and meatballs are fantastic
hiding places for chopped vegetables, especially for vegetables with a naturally mild,
sweet taste, such as orange pepper or zucchini. They simply go into the taste of the dish.

3. Have them take one bite

It is said that 10 to 15 trials are needed to accept new food, and the so-called
"One bite rule", allowing a child to refuse food as long as they have taken one bite,
makes grateful use of it. After a while children get used to the new taste and
they will always find it better. A matter of habituation.

4. Play with color and structure

Children react positively to color and there are few vegetables that are more colorful than peppers, from sunny orange to fire red and from green to grass to bright yellow. They often find it better to eat their vegetables, so spread the different colors across the board in nice patterns, such as flowers, faces or hearts. This works a lot better than merging everything into a 'dirty little'.

5. Have you tried the orange pepper already?

Many parents have discovered that their children love sweet peppers, especially the orange ones
paprika, the sweetest of the bunch. Whether you take the time to cook them or simply serve them pure, cut the orange pepper into "fries" or fun shapes. Orange pepper is the winner for the whole family!

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