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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Popin 'Cookin' Meiji Apollo DIY Candy kit

The umpteenth Popin 'Cookin' is already on its turn. I have gradually lost count. I was very enthusiastic about some of them, but there were also packages that I was less enthusiastic about. I am very curious if this package will be a topper again. It looks so cheerful on the packaging and I love chocolate. It seems to me a mix that can hardly go wrong ...

What is it?

With this set of Meiji you make chocolates with a pink strawberry chocolate.This kit comes from Japan and is published by the brand Meiji. The brand says nothing to me, but I have never been to Japan. However, it seems to be the same kind of brand in Japan as here, for example, Verkade.


You can possibly reuse the mold for other DIY projects, and of course for more chocolates.

In the suit

The package contains a plastic mold, three tubes of chocolate (white, brown and pink), a bag with edible balls and a stick.

Extra requirements

A glass with hot water.

And now: Getting started!

The idea is that you put the tubes of chocolate in the hot water for a while, so that the chocolate can become soft.

And how do they taste?

The taste of the chocolate is fortunately not disappointing. The quality of the chocolate is fine and making the chocolates is of course very nice. I personally think the balls are a little too hard for something tasty. Nice that you can use the template several times. You can then also melt chocolate and make chocolates yourself, with perhaps other decorations.

Definitely a fun activity to do with the kids! And when it's done, enjoy it!

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