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Editor'S Choice - 2020


What is your ultimate way to relax? Mine is with a good book in the sun (or in the winter near the stove). Something to drink at your fingertips. Then I do not even have to sit in far away to still have a holiday feeling.
I like various types of books; thrillers, young-adult, novels, I can all enjoy it.


Match is a love novel, warm, surprising and exciting. It is such a book that makes the sun just a little warmer and a cool breeze gently blows in your neck. The book is about the search for ultimate love. Maybe even recognizable. Friends of mine still hope to find that special one. I myself found my ultimate love a few years ago. Incidentally, only after a lot of unsuccessful attempts ...

In this book, Anne searches for that one love through various ways ... She is highly educated and stuck in her life. Material everything good for each other. A nice house, a good job, but luckily she is not. Then comes the moment that she will take a good look at her life ...

Specifications Match

AuthorKarin Verhaak-Kersten
Number of pages389
price22.50 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: Match Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino (April 2020).