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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Decibel family

What a funny (and educational) book this is! The story is written in rhyme and it is full of humor, word jokes and other fun. Playfully, children learn how an instrument is made, but it is mainly the funnities surrounding making music that make this book so much fun. Let me put it this way: There is music in this book!

But what is it about?

The Decibel family lives in a violoncel. And she likes that wonderfully. What they do there and how they make sure that music comes from that beautiful instrument, that is told in this book by the little Jacqueline Decibel. From scaling ladders to eating nuts, everything is covered.

The Decibel family is a cheerful picture book about the beautiful instrument the cello. For children from 4 years. Absolutely fun to read and I'm sure you will not be able to suppress a big smile here and there. Definitely a tip for in the shoe or bag of Sinterklaas.

Specificities The Decibel family

TitleThe Decibel family
PublishingThe harmony
AuthorMicha Wertheim
IllustratorCristina Garcia Martin
Number of pages36
price14.90 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: Outro de la D E C I B E L family (April 2020).