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Editor'S Choice - 2020

From sky blue to bright yellow

Learning colors and words is central to this cheerful search book in which you can discover everything.
Nice to watch together with your child and to search together for: the sun, the fries or the lion. The mandarin, the autumn leaf or the shell! And of course not to forget, the mouse that is hidden somewhere on every page.

The colours

The following colors are covered in the search book: yellow, orange, red, pink / purple, blue, green and with all the colorful colors of the rainbow on the last page!

Assignments and search

With each color you will find a counting or pointing assignment. And on every page a mouse is hidden! Have you found it?
The book is decorated with cheerful illustrations and executed in sturdy cardboard so that small children can also browse without you, without tearing the pages apart. Fun, educational and above all very happy!

Specifications From sky blue to bright yellow

TitleFrom sky blue to bright yellow
PublishingPublisher De Vier Windstreken
AuthorNastja Holtfreter
IllustratorNastja Holtfreter
Number of pages16
price12.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

Video: Why There Are No Bluish-Yellow Crayons: The Forbidden Color Experiment (April 2020).