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Premature clothing - Clothes for Prematuren

Premature clothing - Clothes for Prematuren

If your child is born too early, he is a bit smaller than a full-grown child. As a result, all normal baby clothes will be far too big for him. Of course you want your child to be beautifully laid out and to be taken to his last resting place in tasty, appropriate clothes.

This was not possible for a few years ago, but luckily this has changed.

Meanwhile there is a whole collection of trendy, beautiful, cheerful clothes in very small sizes. The smallest size is size 38, and this continues with sizes: 40, 42, 44 and 47.

The latter is an intermediary for children who are just too small for the clothing size 50/56. With these matching clothes, your child can be brought to his final resting place in style.


From one of our visitors we received the following tip:

I read a piece of a lady; she could not find any clothes, so I want to say the following:
We wanted to show Anouk her own clothes, but we did not have that size. I also did not know how to get there. Friends of my parents had said; Go to a big toy store (Toys XL, formerly Toyr R Us) and watch a Baby Born doll, or Baby Born clothes or other doll clothes. They have (Baby born) dolls of 30 cm, 36 cm etc. We found exactly what we wanted. (wide choice)

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